Labnol and all other sites of Amit Agarwal have been taken over by hackers

This is one of the baddest news for me after the flood in Assam. The best and most known blogger in India, who is an inspiration for me is facing this hard time.
Amit Agarwal is one of the best Blogger all over the world, he has a good reputation in the blogging world and also as a person. He have appeared on TV many times. His blog is the most read blog in India, Labnol is an one man blog ran by Agarwal.

Labnol was started in 2004 and made its journey to 2012 very well and more and more people started reading Labnol because of it's quality content which is written by Amit Agarwal.

We get to know about this via Amit Agarwal's twitter update on his twitter @labnol, here's the embedded tweet

We are shocked by this update but i must say that Amit didn't kept their reader in darkness, he told us whatever happened. He said the sites have been deleted, means all contents have been deleted and if there was some solution to recover data and then he may have updated it too, but it doesn't seem to be.

His website Digital Insipiration, IndianBloggers, CTRLQ including his main tech blog Labnol, he stated that all his websites has been deleted, the above sites are some websites i know about, but there might be more sites of him.

At this time it's hard for me to say what is the exact reasons and cause behind this, because i don't have any certified news yet, this all happened 3 hours ago and as far as i know Amit is trying his best to recover his sites.

We hope that all his websites start working again and nothing bad happened to his sites. When i get more information i will update this post. 
Deepak Kamat Blogger Guwahati

He is a web designer and deveveloper by profession but loves to write about his city and interesting acitvities going on in it.

Writes small stories from small places in Guwahati and tries to help develop it with his blog.


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