No Pokestops In Guwahati? Here's how we can find it

It has been over a week since the release of Pokemon Go game and we all know it kind of took over the World, especially now that Pokemon Go has beaten Pornography market !

NEW: List of all known PokeStops & Gyms in Guwahati / Assam


If you are in Guwahati (or in Assam) you might be having a hard time finding any Pokemons or Pokestops here. My friends in other cities and countries are lucky, there have loads of Pokestops, Gyms and Pokemons around them and they're having fun playing it.

First of all we need to know what Pokestops are and where they are added from on the real World map, so to find that out we take a look at the support article on Pokemon Go's website:

PokéStops are locations where you can gather items such as Poké Balls, Potions, and Eggs.
A PokéStop will change its shape when you walk close enough. Touch it to interact with it, and spin the Photo Disc to get items.

This doesn't answer why we don't find any Pokemons here, but it is pretty obvious that as there are probably Pokestops we are ought to not find any Pokemons as well.

What can be done 

The good news is that you don't have to just wait, you can try a few things which I will explain what it is and how it can help you in your Pokemon GO walk. 

Take Help of Ingress Intel Map

Niantic being the co-creator of the game and the format being almost the same as it's previous and very popular game Ingress we've been getting reports that Pokestops and Gyms in the Pokemon GO World coincides with the Portals and other elements in Ingress.

Lucky Ingress provides an Intel map to its players, here's how you can access it:

in Guwahati we found two Portals both of which are in Lal Ganesh area. Here's an overview:

We didn't go to Lal Ganesh yet but if you can try visiting the place and see if you are able to find any Pokestops. 

Request Pokestops 

Through the Pokemon GO support website we can submit requests to add Pokestops in our area. 

Here's the direct link to the request form, fill it up and send it, it might take time but it is helpful for all of us, the more we send the request the more focus the game developers will give to add Pokestops in that area:

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  1. Have you visited the lal ganesh mandir yet? Is it a gym or a pokestop

  2. One pokestop is at guwahati airport.

  3. The only pokéstop I personally have seen is the Reliance Jio head office in Lachit Nagar, Next to KFC.

  4. Is there any pokestop or gym at nagaon

    1. Try visiting a Digital Xpress store (Jio store) to see, it is most likely to be a Pokestop.

  5. No pokestops in Charaideo distt. needed some in here too but Niantic is'nt taking pokestops and gyms request anymore. Kindly hel0

  6. Are there any pokestops in nagaon

  7. Are there any pokestops in nagaon