Folder View Settings are not Saved in Windows 8, 7 or XP

I love to personalize my PC and most importantly how all my folders are managed and sorted. Windows does provide great options for folder view settings in all its Window versions.

What if it doesn't save your preferences? Well, I face the problem and managed to fix it.


The Worst Contest Ever Held by Google - Mapathon 2013 India

Google, the Internet giant which is one of the most reputed company of the World seems to be lazy with the contest they organized in February named Google Mapathon 2013 India


Mapathon India 2013 Result is finally going to be Published

If you followed the Mapathon 2013 India contest you may also be familiar with the issues going on between Google and some map authority of India known as SOI.

How this all affected us? The results were actually planned to be announced in the month of July, but due to some concerns SOI was having regarding the security issues, the result was postponed, no dates were mentioned.

Contestants were told to wait for the investigation to complete, it took two months for SOI to complete the investigation and finally results are going to be announced.

Potential winners have got emails to confirm their identity which means the results will soon be posted.

So contestants, best of luck ! :D

And thanks to everyone who signed/supported this petition :


Earthquake in Guwahati 9th September 2013

I've been posting about Earthquakes since last year. I post updates about the Earthquake quickly after the quakes. Today, 9th September 2013, I don't remember the exact time, it was about 6:00PM, an Earthquake occurred and lasted for a few seconds.


1st Krrish 3 Trailer Hits 5 Million views in 3 days of release

I am not a bollywood blogger, but I love to watch movies and when it comes to the Krrish and Koi Mil Gaya series then they are my favourite. 10 years ago, probably the first bollywood Science-fiction based on Aliens was made named Koi Mil Gaya.. I was a kid then and loved it very much, 4 years later I watched the Krrish movie and it was just thrilling. It didn't met international standards of effects and graphics but it was unique.

And now it Krrish 3, the successor of the hit series is going to be released this year on Diwali. And I just can't wait to refresh my childhood memories of Jaadu, Rohit Mehra and the Indian super hero Krrish !

This time it's going to be big, really big. The first trailer of the film has been release and under 3 days of its release the video got more than 5 Million hits and that's for an obvious reason, and you will understand it only after watching the promo yourself

A thrilling story, superb graphics and effects, it all looks like a Hollywood movie, but no, its Krrish!

The story has more than just fights, with a more powerful Krrish, a more powerful villain is required and Vivek Oberoi is going to play the Villain role, with extra super powers.

To comment tweet with #krrish3 #dkamatblog