How to Use ATM Card (Debit Cards) to Pay Online & in Apps

Recently much of the Indian population has resorted to e-wallets and cashless transactions due to the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, which is actually a great thing, now most of your transactions are easy with online banking but online banking is not something every account holder or even most of them has, so our most convenient option is ATM / Debit Card.  


How To Use Dialpad In WhatsCall During Calls

WhatsCall is obviously a widely used application for making phone calls for free all over the World. The app though lacks one feature that is request frequently by its users, it is the touch-tone dialpad during call.


Reliance Jio 4G - Best 4G LTE Smartphones for Jio

If you do not have a 4G smartphone but you are interested in availing the Jio 4G's welcome offer that gives you free unlimited service till 31st December 2016 you can avail the offer by buying a JioFi device, though if do not want to lag behind then consider buying a good smartphone with VoLTE and 4G.


How to use Jio 4G Internet in 3G Phones

Jio has been making news and with it amazing preview and welcome offer that provides free super-fast 4G Internet till 31st December 2016 everybody wants it, as well as its tariff is super affordable once its preview offer is ended.

Using Jio 4G in Dongles For Use in 3G Phones or PC & Laptop

Jio was announce officially by Mukesh Ambani and it is already making news. People are all impressed by the tariffs that is going to be offered by Jio, the rival telcos are not happy, but Jio is doing a great job connecting entire India with its amazing 4G network, yes you read it right, Jio Infocomm. is the first telco to lay its 4G network all across India, even in the farthest village.