Explaining the "Mystery Code"

Currently the population of the Internet in India and also the media is talking about the "script injection" discovery that Thejesh GN (@thej) made, who claims to be a programmer.

Our country's Telecorps like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel to name a few have been always a victim of allegations regarding their service and their quality.

About the Script Injection

The same thing happened a few days back when the aforementioned coder claimed to make a break-through discovery of a malicious and mysterious script that was being inserted in every website he visited.

The only proof and reproduction of the script injection was demonstrated with this screenshot of the source code of "thej.in" where a JavaScript code (the de facto scripting language of the web) was added in the website's source.

source: Trak.in

This is the complete HTML markup that the coder wanted to show was this:
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Apart from that there were no explanations or any other research which proved how the injected script got there and most importantly what it did!

I checked the host IP address on a IP tracer and it looks like it is being hosted in Bangalore, India and the ISP is Airtel. That is what I think led the coder assume that Airtel played with the privacy with this mere JavaScript code.

The Coder Got A Notice from FlashNetwork 

The main thing that actually sparked the news was the discoverer getting a noticed for explicitly posting the code on his Github Repository. The Israeli company Flashnetwork consequently filed a DMCA complaint and also sent a notice to him for the takedown of the code and it was taken down.

I when read the news on a blog too thought this might be something very serious if a professional/qualified programmer have made the discovery and warned people about this and searched for the code that was the center of the topic.

Explaining The Mysterious Code that Might Compromise your Privacy

That's what the coder claimed. But later when I found the code it was this:
 * Automatically executed if DOM is ready
$(function() {
        transitionDuration : 1200

 * anchor.js - jQuery Plugin
 * Jump to a specific section smoothly
 * @dependencies jQuery v1.5.0 http://jquery.com
 * @author   Cornel Boppart 
 * @copyright  Author
 * @version  1.0.5 (02/11/2014)

;(function ($) {
 window.anchor = {
   * Default settings
  settings: {
   transitionDuration: 2000,
   transitionTimingFunction: 'swing',
   labels: {
    error: 'Couldn\'t find any section'

   * Initializes the plugin
   * @param {object} options The plugin options (Merged with default settings)
   * @return {object} this The current element itself
  init: function (options) {
   // Apply merged settings to the current object
   $(this).data('settings', $.extend(anchor.settings, options));

   return this.each(function () {
    var $this = $(this);

    $this.unbind('click').click(function (event) {

   * Gets the top offset position
   * @param {object} $object    The root object to get sections position from
   * @return {int}  topOffsetPosition The top offset position
  getTopOffsetPosition: function ($object) {
   var href = $object.attr('href'),
    $section = $($(href).get(0)),
    documentHeight = $(document).height(),
    browserHeight = $(window).height();

   if (!$section || $section.length < 1) {
    throw new ReferenceError(anchor.settings.labels.error);

   if (($section.offset().top + browserHeight) > documentHeight) {
    return documentHeight - browserHeight;
   } else {
    return $section.offset().top;
   * Jumps to the specific position
   * @param {int}  topOffsetPosition The top offset position
   * @param {object} settings   The object specific settings
   * @return {void}
  jumpTo: function (topOffsetPosition, settings) {
   var $viewport = $('html, body');

    {scrollTop: topOffsetPosition},

    // Stop the animation immediately, if a user manually scrolls during the animation.
   $viewport.bind('scroll mousedown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel keyup', function(event){
    if (event.which > 0 || event.type === 'mousedown' || event.type === 'mousewheel') {
     $viewport.stop().unbind('scroll mousedown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel keyup');


 $.fn.anchor = function (method) {
   // Method calling logic
  if (anchor[method]) {
   return anchor[method].apply(this, Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1));
  } else if (typeof method === 'object' || !method) {
   return anchor.init.apply(this, arguments);
  } else {
   return $.error('Method ' + method + ' does not exist on jQuery.anchor');


As being a professional web developer I analyzed the code and found that this is nothing but a mere script that provides smooth scrolling effect on websites. And it was nothing like what the person was successful in making people believe it was.

I can't start to wonder what led Thejesh assume that the code was something injected suspiciously by Airtel to exploit their privacy. But whatever it was, it was not right and not true either.

Taking Sides?

Sorry, not. There is nothing like taking the side of the Telecorps to protect them. Through my research this is what I found. This case is a case of ignorance on the part of the coder who spread this and the people who believed this without researching much.

On the side note I have been on Airtel's network and honestly that IP address or no similar script nor any script was ever injected into the sites. Though it is to note that ISPs do insert small snippets of codes, for example the mobile Facebook site where they insert their home page's link but that's all. Anything unethical is wrong, and should be acted against.


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A Thought on LGBT and Equality

There has been a large number of arguments and debates between LGBT supporters and the anti-LGBT people, just like any other social topic this one is opposed and supported by all kinds of people in every community.

Whereas it was a debate or an argument, there are two sides of the story, one from the perspective of the people who belonged to LGBT and the people who supported LGBT regardless of being one themselves and the other by people who opposed it.

The larger percentage of population in most or almost every country opposes LGBT rights, why because the larger percentage doesn't belong to it, or who knows what but that's what those people want the World to think about them.

Take a moment to think

If you are an anti-LGBT person take a moment to think, and that's how most of the problems are solved. How you see the World is the first step to change the World for yourself and people around you.

Every human on Earth has the right to love whoever they like and are attracted to, they live for people they live then why do anybody must have any sort of problems with a person loving another of the same sex?

The Lack of Education Causes It

Believe it or not, lack of education is something that causes ignorance towards any issue, I might agree there are people with qualifications that is enough for them to be referred as well educated and still they oppose Gay marriages and the rights of LGBTs - But education here we are talking about is the education of your mind, of yourself.

Then there are people who are not even aware of such things as LGBTs mostly because they live in a community or society where this has never came out as a topic, so suddenly someone coming out as a Homosexual or Bisexual can cause chaos and a wave of negativity towards that person which might result into a devastating experience for them.

Why Must You Even Hate ?

There's no reason for you to hate a person based on his sexuality. If we are in a World where a human is disregarded for having sexuality other than what the "general" population has.

It's all what your moral values are, why do you respect a person also defines why do you disrespect them. In this age we talk about equality, everyone does, but no, none of them actually wants to be equal, they just want their space. You might be fighting for your space in one field or the other, everyone does, LGBT people do it for their space and we as fellow human beings should never discourage anybody, not just LGBTs, but anybody.

Ignorance about the Topic

In most backward countries and even in some first World countries people posses a mentality that Homosexuality, Bisexuality etc. are a kind of disease.

Nope, it's a thing that nature did, no human could control that, no body. Could a person control his hunger? No, they can't, because it's how nature made them. Dishonoring anybody for this is not right, both socially and morally.

Be Neutral, that's all you have to do

Before Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality of African-Americans people were then against them because people thought it disgraced them for accepting black people in their country to be equally treated. Majority of people in that age thought they were right, but how many of you do really agree to that ?

There were people who didn't agree to it even then and those were the visionaries. You don't need to be a supporter and participate in Gay Parades to really have no problem with LGBT, you can do that by showing it in your action and words. Being neutral about it is all you need to do. That's what I do. 


News Channels Airing Biased News of "6 Man Beating a Woman"

Well I know the women in India are not treated equally and reason wise the Govt. has taken extra measures for Women, whereas it is a great step towards the welfare of women, but there exists a large number of women who abuses this advantage.

Recently Zee News and Star News (ABP News) India News aired a news where they showed an partially blurred censored video where they claim a man was beating a woman and they condemned the act that a man treated a women shamelessly and beat her in public.

This is the video:

I watched the video, and the story is that the woman was the one who was using swear words for the man and when the man told him that it is not professional way to talk but she didn't stop and he took his phone out to take a video of her abusing him, as soon as he took out his mobile the women aggressively attacked the man in order to snatch his phone, and physically harmed him and thus sudden and natural reaction came from the man, he too hit her, which is natural as if anybody is
attacked like that, no matter if by a man or a woman, the two men standing aside soon stopped the fight and took them apart but later they were also blamed of beating the women in group which is completely false and the headline by the aforesaid News channels is "6 Man In A Cabin and One Woman Beaten Up".

I may ask one question, is this the way our News channels present a news ? Really a serious issue and should be raised up and as a responsible citizen it is important for me to make responsible news channels know about this.

This is a case of 2014 in the month of November, but now when the Woman was fired from her position from the council she used to work in she has come up with this video with those biased media channels who are without any proof supporting her blindly and hurting the man's reputation, whereas the woman's face was blurred up, the man's face was shown without any censor which totally might have ruined up his reputation.

I want you to take a look at the video they aired and see for yourself what actually happened and how that woman used the advantages unethically.

I believe a news channel should support truth and not a specific gender.


Time Table for HSLC/AHM SEBA Assam 2015

The time table and schedule for the matriculation examinations 2015 held by SEBA is now out.