'Kya Super Kool hai hum' releasing after 5 Years ? - Bade Ache Lagte hai mistake

Bade Ache Lagte Hai, a hit serial that telecasts on Sony TV is at it best with the new story and a total twist, the 5 year gap in this show gave it more popularity then it had before the 5 year gap. But the most interesting thing is the promotion of new film 'Kya Super cool hain hum', which is to be in August month but is that what makes it interesting ?

So far you have read about both 'Bade Ache lagte hai Serial' and the new Film but if you are here then it's obvious that you are a good fan of the serial but did you noticed something weird in the serial's timeline ?

You may have already come to know about the topic by seeing the title, it remarks that the movie 'Kya super cool hain hum' is releasing after 5 years, not actually. It's the serial that led me create this post, I am also a regular viewer of the serial.

But do you remember the scenes of Bade Ache Lagte hai before the 5 Year gap ? Taking you back in time, remember when Priya was taken to a bigger jail, away from Mumbai and in way she met a woman with her daughter. If you remember this then you might have also remembered that they stopped at a Dhaba for the lunch and there we saw the promo of film 'Kya Super Cool hai Hum'.

Thinking what's so shocking in it ? Reminding you that Peehu (Priya's daughter) was still in her womb back 5 years from the current story of the serial. But now what you see is a party of 'Kya Super Cool hai Hum' in Bade Acche Lagte hai ? Funny, isn't it ? A film which's trailer was aired 5 years back is releasing now.

Although the serial is not a real life story but it's supposed to give a real life feeling then why don't the guys just keep from displaying the promo to make it look more realistic, that's too weirdo.

Never mind, this serial is always rocking :D Drop your awesome comments here..   
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