Felt the Earthquake on 19 August 2012 ?

The series of Earthquake in Assam and North East region seems to result in something unexpected.

Talking about today's Earthquake (19 August) i did felt it but wasn't sure if it was actually an Earthquake or just me moving my desk back and forth. I even looked at the walls to see if it was really an Earthquake but it was already over.

Don't have enough information about the Earthquake but heard that it got 5.1 on the ricter scale.

All i can say is follow the safety rules when a earthquake occurs and build your house with strong structures that long lasts and don't collapses by Earthquake tremors.

Biggest Coincidence

In 2009 on 19th day of August, a big Earthquake occured and today exactly after 3 years we felt this Earthquake. A coincidence or a sign of destruction from god ? I don't believe in superstitions but nature is always powerful than humans and it do anything with us. 
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