Girl molested by 20 peoples in Guwahati ! So this is India ?

India, a place known all over the world for it's holiness. Who haven't seen 'Indian is great' written on almost every truck but is that enough to show the love for your country ?

A girl, returning from late night party gets molested by a group of drunken monkeys and from the 20 peoples in group only 3 got caught yet.

Is this the truth of Assam and India ? Assam a place to said to be filled with lovely people but what we see is this unbelievable incident. They shouldn't be even called Youths, they are some perverts in our society.

Some says that the girl had to face such circumstances because she was returning late night from a party in short cloths.. so what about the right to freedom, don't she have the right to wear what she want ! It doesn't mean that if a women have wore a small outfit then she must be molested, is it what our ancestors said us ?

But, what the media camera man was doing ! Why didn't they tried to resist rather than taking clips for the sake of TRP, is TRP more important than humanity ?

Humanity is lost somewhere, who says that Pakistan is a place for terrorist ? At least women are respected and they aren't dying in thirst of se*

Whole India is now aware of what happened and they are with the girl who was the victim, we are also with her.

I am very sorry for the girl and if i get i can get the chance to meet her then will surely post an interview.   
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  1. can putting only a question buy media help us to vanish these kind of cruelness.......everytime whem I i watch the media ask
    "is this ryt give vote to blah blah blah"
    Is It really help to stop this at all ?

    Y govt. not take any strict action against this kind of issues ? Y Y Y Y ?