Dara Singh - The He-man of India is no more

Who doesn't know about Dara Singh in India. He was a well known actor and sportsman. He was the trademark of power and excellence in India.

From some days he was in serious condition and was hospitalized in 'Kokila Ben Hospital' and on 12th July's morning died there due to cardiac arrest.

If we go back in time and see his influence in the TV world then we will understand his importance in Bollywood and TV serials like Mahabharata which is yet the most famous serial in India's TV history. Dara Sing played roles in many TV shows, Advertisements and Movies.

His most famous Movie was probably 'Mard' where he played the role of a 'Tanga waala' which was played by Amitabh Bachchan.

He was not only an actor but also was the world Champion wrestler in Common Wealth games.

I can't write more.. i am not in a state to write, i am sad about Dara Singh's death and will pray for his soul.

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