The main culprit Facebook found in Girl Molestation on 9th

The incident that took place in Guwahati on 9th July is not just about one girl but about the respect of each and every woman in India. It's the most cruel act i have ever seen and none of the felony should be let go.

The main culprit who was the leader of the molesters in the group of 10 was a actor and played role of policeman, but did that make any effect on his real life ? No, he is what we saw on the NEWS, molesting a woman in public with several other peoples. What can be shameful than that ? It has been recently in the news that the New Live reporter is also with the mobs as he didn't even tried to resist the girl or just call the police. All he wanted was a good clip for the next morning headline, but now he would be knowing what it can result in molesting a girl.

But we found the Facebook profile of the main mob in the group, whose name is Amar Jyoti Kalita and his Facebook id is this http://www.facebook.com/amar.jyotikalita.7, he call himself 007 or Bond, what pedo.

You can also see this image he uploaded on 10th of July,
Just the day after the incident or we must say cruel act.

After browsing his profile i also found that how his character is, after this incident everyone knows about his character and that's why he is in this and the main culprit.

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