Earthquake in Assam - 1st July 2012

With the start of the month we got something in surprise, one more earthquake.It seems earthquakes are going to do something bad in 2012

The flood in Assam is already a tension to people living here, but now the Earthquake seems like putting fire on petrol. You know how Earthquake can make the river Brahmaputra worse than worst.

If you talk about today's earthquake, it was not at such a high level or for much time,the earthquake shook us, as it always do and we humans were helpless in front of it.

The earthquake was for 3 or 4 seconds and it took place at 9:45AM, as far as i know, no one have been injured due to this Earthquake. I now think Assam is going to become Japan, where the flood and earthquake will ruin peoples life, i hope it doesn't happen.

After this earthquake i wonder about the Brahmaputra river, what effects were made on it because of this earthquake ?

I am thinking of going to Pandu today to take some photos of flood affected areas.      
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