Low speed server for website providing Results for HSLC 2012

India, is moving in the way of development, from cities to villages we can see it developing but somewhere India is still an undeveloped country. 
Computers and Internet, the most important and best source for all types of information is not taken too importantly in India or we can say by the government.

As we take today's case, it's 15th June and the day for the Result of Matric candidates. Every candidate is willing to see their results online but what most of them see is slow loading of page or not getting to see their results at all just because of a slow server. 

We can understand that the traffic on the website will be large in number, but we don't expect speed of this level. The speed of the server is very low and not able to handle even 100k request, where Google's CDN handles over 250M(Million) Request per minutes.

Hope government will take this seriously and improve their websites and their servers. 

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He is a web designer and deveveloper by profession but loves to write about his city and interesting acitvities going on in it.

Writes small stories from small places in Guwahati and tries to help develop it with his blog.

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