Money in Pond,Guwahati ? What's the matter

It's sounds like fairy tale but it's a strange truth, see what NewsLive, DY365 and other NorthEast news channels are flashing. Let's try to know what it is

Who knew there will be lakhs of money in a small pond in Chachal, Guwahati. We just saw the news about Indian currencies coming out of the pond, that's not a magic, a true incident which happened on 25th June 2012. Though the money is not coming to the top of the pond from the bottom, but it's in the surface of the pond. A fisherman discovered that there's money in the pond while fishing and that leads the entire area to gather at the side along with the News Channel's reported.

It's has been reported that more than Rs.20,000 has been yet taken out from the pond, and it's still being counted. People in local areas are jumping into the pond to take hands on as much money they can. The currencies are in either Rs.500 or Rs.1000 note. No matter if it's completely wet, they just want money, although who don't want it.

But with this fantasy, we must also think about where does the money came from ? Is the money black ? Or from some serious case. Because no one wants to throw their money into a pond.

I hope that police will find out the reason behind this, that's a serious matter indeed and needs to be solved.
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