Michael Jackson's BAD costume in Indian film industry

As you know, 90's were the golden years, but one more thing i liked about films of that time was copying MJ's dance moves and styles. That's what i like, even today many songs in Bollywood is inspired by Michael Jackson's dance or music. 

Whenever i watch an old film of Govinda, Amitabh or any other actors, i get the feel of MJ's music somewhere in the song. Every film maker knows the legacy of Michael Jackson, and to get there song hit, they would just copy him. But i like to see something inspired by Michael Jackson in the Bollywood.

There many movies, songs where you can see things inspired or about Michael Jackson. It's common, who doesn't knows, who is MJ and what is his legacy, everyone wants to be like him and film maker would put something related to Michael Jackson to make some impression on the audience.

BAD, Michael Jackson's one of the biggest hits of 90's, who would forget it. Over 400,000 fans for the BAD world tour, it's a record and if you were lucky to see NEWS at that time, you would see NEWS about Michael Jackson's BAD World Tour whole day.

Here are some videos, where you can see all these superstars wearing BAD Costume of Michael Jackson. First i would like to show you the MJ's costume.

Amitabh Bachan, dancing in BAD costume in song 'Disco Bhangra' from film 'Ganga Jamuna Saraswati'

Govinda dancing in BAD costume in song 'Pak chik pak Raja Babu' from the film Raja Babu

Sharukh Khan, not dancing but trying to dance like MJ in his BAD outfit, actually i saw this first time in Theater on Ra.One's premier. I don't have any video for it, but if you have Ra.one film on a disc or on your hard drive, you will find that scene in first part.
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