Why these Bullies aren't stopped, Bullies don't even leave students.

The Bullies or you can call them 'Gundas' are now overreaching their limits and not letting us to live a peaceful life, not even Police do something about them, just because they are of their locality, relative or just consider it with some amount of money. Before today i only saw the incidents of Bullying and harassing on NEWS, but i can't explain how it felt to be in the incident.   

Guwahati, 23 May - This is not a fictional story, it's a real incident with me (Deepak Kamat) and my friends. We were returning from our Math tuition when this happened, for some reason we went back to the way we were coming from. This is when it happened, while we on our way, a car was trying to get from the parking and just then me and my friends were passing that way, me and my friend Sunil was on one bicycle and my other friend Prantik was behind us on his cycle.

When the 'Gundas' in the car were trying to get up to the road, we passed by near them and they had to put the brake on, so we were sorry about that as it was a mistake, but the Drunk people in the car, they were 4 in number, 2 were Drunk and on the front seat, one of the Drunk sitting next to the Driver (who was drunk too) abused us, we ignored them, as it was our mistake that we come to their way, so it was not a big case.

But when we get out from their way and was on some distance of them, they speed their car up and came near us, we were about to hit by their car, we are saved by inches, they pointed finger to us and Abused again in a Vulgar language, they were drunk and you can imagine the words they had spoken. We were then not okay with that, they abused us two times, first we ignored them, but why they abused next time, we shouted back on them 'Saying Stop', on some distance they stopped their car and got off the Car. Now both the drunk boys on front seat came towards us, we didn't knew what to do, we stopped there too. Let's see what they can do.

Both the drunken were out of control, one of them came towards me and my friend Sunil and threw the cycle to some distance, i first asked them 'What happened', they were not in a state to listen and it was no use of fighting with them, one of them pushed me, i was not affected by that but was not okay with it. Both the drunken grabbed Sunil's collar and slapped him several time, i went to save him when one of them again pushed me off. They don't wanted to talk at all. The only thing they believe is in beating up others if they are younger, i know they don't have guts to get clashed with someone of same age.

They got a chance to show their Power (fake), now they were abusing again, people near by stopped and was watching everything happening. They warned us after showing their felony, pushing was again they got up their car, when they were starting their car, i noted the Number of the Car, it was 'AS-01-AE-2455'. We ranged the police, but you know situation of our police, they don't take any case seriously untill no upper pressure is given on them. We called 100, but no response, they said 'Hello' and the phone was cut. 

We were still standing there on the spot, a good person came to us and asked what happened, and the support he showed was very kind. He knew well that all those drunken in the car were the main villain of the story. He asked me if i had noted the number, i said 'yes', and he also called the police. Some of the local boys asked us what happened, they knew me and supported me and my friends. The police jeep came after 25 minutes, they called us and asked what happened, we told the police what happened exactly. The police here are very rude and should be suspended because of their bad behaviour, when we told them what happened, when we were saying 'We shouted to stop them,because they abused' they asked us back 'Why did you told them to stop', the police are not helpful too, they are objecting us back. They took our phone number and the vehicle number. And assured us that they will get back to us soon. But you know, they will never inform us about anything then,they took it coolly. 

I was thinking that my brother know that boy, who were Drunken, because one of them in the car was known by me. My brother (Suman) was very angry about all that happened to us, he came at the spot, i told him that one of them was Sanjay, whom i knew. Suman, called him on phone to come to the spot, after 5 minutes they came there, in the same state as they were in while they Bullied us.

My brother knew him, they are not friend but knew as a person. Suman asked him loudly 'How you can beat them up', my brother took the situation very smartly, if he wanted he could have beat him up, but no he don't wanted to create a violence environment there, as many people of the locality gathered. All were in support of us,as they knew that they were drunken and how they have behaved with us, because the boys who were drunken were behaving so cheap that at moment too. 

My brother again asked what happened, lying, they said that we abused them when they told us to move from their way, where they were trying to get their car on the road.
He was drunken and talking like a mad person, and was trying to make us scare of them, seems funny.

The statement where it was clear that who were the real felony

This statement will tell you every thing, they were trying to become smart by lying that we abused them. Now here's there statement where it told all people that they were the Bullies, everyone knew that they were the Bullies, but have a look at this. First they told that we abused them, but when my brother asked whom you beat, they exclaimed 'No one of them (us) was there', haah, now imagine, when we were not there then who shouted on them to 'stop'. This brought the truth that who is the villain at the scene. 

I didn't took this too seriously, but this type of behavior to students are insane and not should be tolerated. But our Indian police is too busy eating for us to help. Let them have their food, we won't disturb them. 

Indian government should act strictly against these types of Cruelness and 'Gundagari'. It can happen to you, your friends or anyone tomorrow, show share this please.

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