Amitabh Bachan : meeting with Michael Jackson

This is my first post on my personal blog and it's about Michael Jackson, if you don't know let me tell you i am a huge fan of Michael Jackson and love him, his dance music stye.. and everything. After reading BigB's posts on his Bigadda blog, i come to know that he is also a good fan of MJ. The stories were very heart touching and memorable..

Who don't know about Amitabh Bachan in India, he is a person who don't need any introduction in India, he is in everyone's heart, he is the hero of Bollywood. I also like him very much, but i never knew that BigB is a big fan of Michael Jackson, the stories and incident that BigB has written on his blog is very interesting and you would love to read it.

When Michael Jackson was only a group singer with his 4 more brothers then BigB first heard about him, and the group the 'Jackson 5', then he saw him on a TV, he was very much impressed with the talent of that smallest brother among the 'Jackson 5' .He found that the name of that little talented singer and dancer was - Michael Jackson.

BigB didn't heard about him for several years. That time Beatles were number 1 in the music field and whole world was fan of them. In the 70's a light came from the darkness with the talent to change the world and make a change to life of people, it was none other than Michael Jackson. The way BigB have written about Michael Jackson, directly shows that what is the magic of MJ. 

BigB, after accident, went to USA for his treatment, there he learnt that Michael Jackson was on his tour, and one of the show was next day in oddly,Jacksonville Florida. He and his brother booked a flight to Jacksonville, they don't know anyone there, they reached the hotel where MJ was staying, whole hotel was taken by MJ and his entourage, BigB requested and pleaded the hotel management to give them some space, and then they were given a small place somewhere.

Next day they reached the Stadium, where Michael was about to perform, it was afternoon. BigB and his brother consumed some Fizzies and ice sticks, they were in the last row of the huge crowd in the stadium, they were sitting on the cement wall and was able to see all people over 100,000 who came to see MJ. Then they saw someone coming to the stage, everyone stood up and shouted ! The monstrous Audio System started and then MJ started his magical performance, which everyone enjoyed. 

This was the first time when Amitabh saw him in person, but it was not last.

In the 90's, BigB was on a private visit to New York, the door bell of his room in the Helmsley Hotel rang and BigB, opened the door, and next to him was standing the king of pop Michael Jackson, BigB was all silent, he didn't know what to say, the legend was next to him, Michael in his soft voice said 'Oh ! Excuse me! I have the wrong door', just imagine, Two legends meeting each other.. there's no words that can describe it.

BigB's one of the friend was working on Michael Jackson's project, his friend set a meeting with MJ of BigB, both met at the Hotel and had a good conversation and laughed on the previous day incident. MJ introduced his mother to BigB, who was with him. This was the last time Amitabh met Michael.

But when MJ came to Mumbai for his HIstory World Tour at Andheri Sports Complex, Prateeksha where he lived, it shook the whole night with vibration of MJ's hit numbers.

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Here's a video of 'Ganga Jamuna Sarwaswati' 1988 film, where Amitabh danced in Michael Jackson's costume of 'Bad' song, the song has been inspired by MJ's dance and musics. In lyrics 'Dance dikhaunga aisa, michael jackson ke jaisa'. See the video here yourself.


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