Another Earthquake after 16 days from last quake in Assam 27 May

27 May, 2012, Guwahati - It's not been even 16 days from the last earthquake in Assam, when another devastating earthquake shook us. The earthquake was not for such big amount of time, but the way it throw us was very thrilling. The earthquake was there for less than 2 seconds but it would have been very devastating if it kept moving with that power for even 5 seconds. 

Thank god that it ended under 2 seconds, it threw us like a toy, haah, at last it's nature and more powerful than human. The behavior of nature in 2012 seems to be very cruel, i don't think it's going to be false that our world will end in 2012 or something.

Hope everything is fine at your place. Be safe.

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