Earthquake in Assam thrilled me - 11 April 2012

Assam falls in seismic zone V and is a earhquake prone area, today 11 April 2012 a wild earthquake shook whole Assam.

I am not an expert or a news writer but i like to write what i feel. I was on my way to my tuition in 'Boripara', i left from Chariali and caught a shortcut street, behind Kamakhya Station, 4 number platform. My friend accompanied me, we were listening to good old songs and enjoying the walk, at about 6:10 or something, people sitting in a small store started shouting, when we look at them, the goods in the store was moving like someone is pushing it hardly, the whole store was moving, for a second i didn't knew what had happened, then i stopped and realized that it was earthquake, first i was not too scared or thrilled, but when 5 seconds passed, i was worried that now for how much time it will happen, i thought it stopped after 10 seconds but it was yet moving !

Even in that state, i was very much curious to see the giant mountains moving, it was a free open area, we were able to get view of mountains around us, i looked at one of the mountain and saw it moving, it was the only great experience with this earthquake, it was my first time to feel earthquake when i was walking.

Hopefully, nothing bad happened, the earthquake lasted for 20 seconds, which was enough to devastate the scene, but fortunately it was all well, as i was not at my home, i was worried about my house and family, because the earthquake was not small, it was 5.4 or something on the ricter scale.

When it all stopped we were not able to walk on that road, as everybody was out of there house and was on the street, the street that used to be empty or not too crowded, it was too crowded after the earthquake that we have to struggle to get through the street and that place. Me and my friend reached our Sir's house and rested for sometime and had a discussion about the earthquake and started our Maths. 5 or 6 days ago, one earthquake shook the land of Assam at about 4:30 AM, it was early morning so not much people felt it. 

As of news two people were injured in today's earthquake in house collapse, hope nothing bad happened to those two person. Please follow these safety guidelines whenever earthquake occurs 
  • Hide under a table or chair 
  • If you don't find a safety thing to hide under then run out of the house
  • If you living in a building or flat, don't take risks to run out of your flat or home, find a safety and strong thing that can save you
  • Switch off Gas, because if the Gas stove or Gas Cylinder fells down due to shaking, it can ignite your house.
  • Even if you are outside, sit down and protect your head with arms
  • Keep distance from electricity wires, if they fell down, it can cause loss of life
Earthquake makes human realize that what human is, nature made us and can destroy us in seconds.

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