Leopard Intrudes NF Railway Maligaon Head Quarters in Guwahati

Leopard intrusions in the hilly area of Maligaon, Guwahati has become very common, due to it being near the forest hill area Leopards are easily able to get into the city which becomes a threat for themselves for than the humans.

In the morning of 18 December 2015 the news of a leopard breaking into the NF Railway Head Quarters spread like fire in a forest. The beast got into the HQ area at about 4 in the morning and attacked at least two security guards who were at their duty.

Later in the morning after the authorities learnt about a leopard breaking into the area, the area was completely sealed and no one from the outside were allowed. Forest department's people arrived with their equipment to make sure the leopard gets out without getting hurt or hurting anyone.

The leopard had occupied the canteen, the canteen was blocked from all sides so that it would not escape, after hours of struggle the forest department had finally manage to take down the beast at about 1pm and took it away.

Here's a small footage of the leopard being taken away by the forest department.

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