Is Cyanogen Breaking Ties with YU Televentures?

The new popular brand in the smartphone market in India shook the whole market with their low priced but high in performance phones and with pre-installed CyanogenOS, that is YU Televentures.

YU has released four phones as yet, YUreka, YUphoria an YUreka Plus, YUnique all three came with CyanogenOS with guaranteed update and probably this is was main reason why many chose an YU phone over another stock android smartphone.

The phones were and are still sold online, exclusively on Amazon and YUnique is sold on Snapdeal. Recently the Yunique, YU's budget smartphone came available on stock android, no CyanogenOS at all.

And a few days later all the available smartphones of YU with CyanogenOS became unavailable and now comes with stock Android.

What Special in CyanogenOS?

Stock Android is good but CyanogenOS is a bliss. It comes with a lot of inbuilt security and customizability functions that you don't see in stock android, even the latest versions. CyanogenOS is maintained by an independent and open group of developers known as 'Cyanogen'.

CyanogenMods are ROMs that can be flashed on almost any phone, but CyanogenOS is built to function perfectly with a phone and that is why people loved the YU phones and so do I, as a I own an Yuphoria with CyanogenOS 12.

Wouldn't be Cyanogen available for us?

It is an open source project and anyone with any phone capable of running it can run! And the special thing about YU is that your warranty of the phone is not void if you flash your ROM unlike other brands, you have the full freedom to do any hacking and still claim the warranty during it's period!

You don't know how to flash ROM? No worries, YU will help install CyanogenOS 12 from 825+ service centers around the country. 

Buy the phone, keep the Stock android if you like but if you want to experience an even advanced YU phone then go to a service center and get your phone the CyanogenOS 12

So really Cyanogen is no longer available with YU?

There has not been any official statements. The Wikipedia page says that YU holds the official rights of CyanogenOS in India and if it were to break the ties for any reason there would have been an official statement of some kind, but there are none.

We did a small research to make sure it wasn't true and what we find doesn't leave any hint of them breaking ties.

The official CyanogenOS web page still displays the YU phones with CyanogenOS in the list of their CyanogenOS phones: https://cyngn.com/get-cyanogen-os

The model of the phones with stock android are suffixed with an "A", whereas the initial model name is still in use and it says it comes with CyanogenOS

We aren't still sure of why YU has planned on releasing stock Android phones but this doesn't mean it has broken up their ties with Cyanogen, at least not as yet. CyanogenOS will be available to you if you want it, just go to a service center and ask for it.

New CyanogenOS 12.1 is coming

On the contrary YU has announced the release of CyanogenOS 12.1. It will be soon available on all YU phones with CyanogenOS 12 as an OTA update. 

Yes, check the official announcement on the blog: http://blogs.yuplaygod.com/index.php/2015/09/28/get-ready-to-play-god/

Don't worry just get your phone.

If the sole reason for buying an YU handset was CyanogenOS then go and order an YU phone from Amazon and take it to a service center near you to get the much loved CyanogenOS on your phone.

Also be sure to check for ongoing deals on these phones. Recently Yuphoria (with stock Android) is now being sold for Rs. 5999 in an lighting deal. Check back to get deals and offs.

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