A Thought on LGBT and Equality

There has been a large number of arguments and debates between LGBT supporters and the anti-LGBT people, just like any other social topic this one is opposed and supported by all kinds of people in every community.

Whereas it was a debate or an argument, there are two sides of the story, one from the perspective of the people who belonged to LGBT and the people who supported LGBT regardless of being one themselves and the other by people who opposed it.

The larger percentage of population in most or almost every country opposes LGBT rights, why because the larger percentage doesn't belong to it, or who knows what but that's what those people want the World to think about them.

Take a moment to think

If you are an anti-LGBT person take a moment to think, and that's how most of the problems are solved. How you see the World is the first step to change the World for yourself and people around you.

Every human on Earth has the right to love whoever they like and are attracted to, they live for people they live then why do anybody must have any sort of problems with a person loving another of the same sex?

The Lack of Education Causes It

Believe it or not, lack of education is something that causes ignorance towards any issue, I might agree there are people with qualifications that is enough for them to be referred as well educated and still they oppose Gay marriages and the rights of LGBTs - But education here we are talking about is the education of your mind, of yourself.

Then there are people who are not even aware of such things as LGBTs mostly because they live in a community or society where this has never came out as a topic, so suddenly someone coming out as a Homosexual or Bisexual can cause chaos and a wave of negativity towards that person which might result into a devastating experience for them.

Why Must You Even Hate ?

There's no reason for you to hate a person based on his sexuality. If we are in a World where a human is disregarded for having sexuality other than what the "general" population has.

It's all what your moral values are, why do you respect a person also defines why do you disrespect them. In this age we talk about equality, everyone does, but no, none of them actually wants to be equal, they just want their space. You might be fighting for your space in one field or the other, everyone does, LGBT people do it for their space and we as fellow human beings should never discourage anybody, not just LGBTs, but anybody.

Ignorance about the Topic

In most backward countries and even in some first World countries people posses a mentality that Homosexuality, Bisexuality etc. are a kind of disease.

Nope, it's a thing that nature did, no human could control that, no body. Could a person control his hunger? No, they can't, because it's how nature made them. Dishonoring anybody for this is not right, both socially and morally.

Be Neutral, that's all you have to do

Before Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality of African-Americans people were then against them because people thought it disgraced them for accepting black people in their country to be equally treated. Majority of people in that age thought they were right, but how many of you do really agree to that ?

There were people who didn't agree to it even then and those were the visionaries. You don't need to be a supporter and participate in Gay Parades to really have no problem with LGBT, you can do that by showing it in your action and words. Being neutral about it is all you need to do. That's what I do. 
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