News Channels Airing Biased News of "6 Man Beating a Woman"

Well I know the women in India are not treated equally and reason wise the Govt. has taken extra measures for Women, whereas it is a great step towards the welfare of women, but there exists a large number of women who abuses this advantage.

Recently Zee News and Star News (ABP News) India News aired a news where they showed an partially blurred censored video where they claim a man was beating a woman and they condemned the act that a man treated a women shamelessly and beat her in public.

This is the video:

I watched the video, and the story is that the woman was the one who was using swear words for the man and when the man told him that it is not professional way to talk but she didn't stop and he took his phone out to take a video of her abusing him, as soon as he took out his mobile the women aggressively attacked the man in order to snatch his phone, and physically harmed him and thus sudden and natural reaction came from the man, he too hit her, which is natural as if anybody is
attacked like that, no matter if by a man or a woman, the two men standing aside soon stopped the fight and took them apart but later they were also blamed of beating the women in group which is completely false and the headline by the aforesaid News channels is "6 Man In A Cabin and One Woman Beaten Up".

I may ask one question, is this the way our News channels present a news ? Really a serious issue and should be raised up and as a responsible citizen it is important for me to make responsible news channels know about this.

This is a case of 2014 in the month of November, but now when the Woman was fired from her position from the council she used to work in she has come up with this video with those biased media channels who are without any proof supporting her blindly and hurting the man's reputation, whereas the woman's face was blurred up, the man's face was shown without any censor which totally might have ruined up his reputation.

I want you to take a look at the video they aired and see for yourself what actually happened and how that woman used the advantages unethically.

I believe a news channel should support truth and not a specific gender.
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