The Best Dongle Internet 3G Plans in Assam

If you were in a big city like Mumbai or Delhi you wouldn't have to worry about Internet plans with unlimited high speed data, wired and wireless broadband plans are very cheap and available almost everywhere now.

Whereas you have a very few options for Broadband plans in Guwahati. Even if you find a good one it is uncertain if they will install lines in your area.

Tikona has some of the cheapest high speed (4Mbps) Unlimited data plans, but unfortunately it isn't available in Guwahati. Though you got to see their plans, I mean mouthwatering plans!

With such plans you never have to worry about your data usage. Anyways it's like a dream to have such plans in Assam, anyways, Guwahati is progressing and we might see such Tikona Broadband and alike very soon in Assam too.

Best Dongle Plans in Assam?

Personally I first used Tata Photon, and it was bad, really bad. Then I switched to Airtel 2 years ago, it provided 6GB for a month for Rs. 1067 (Postpaid) and including the price of their 3G Dongle which you can only use with an Airtel sim.

Whereas the speed Airtel provided was great, the data got consumed very quickly as I use the Internet almost 8 hours a day. And as per FUP, the speed was throttled to 64Kbps, which is only 8KBs.

Aircel Is a Way to Go

Aircel has the best Internet plans for mobiles and dongles and you will love to see the amount of data they provide even for very less price. 

Here are some of the 3G Data Plans Aircel provides in Assam. I will also tell you how can you get 20% more data with Rs. 4 less on the price on some Unlimited Packs.

There are also limited plans available
The Rs. 79, Rs. 601 and Rs. 295 plans are ideal for people who want more validity and less data. For Rs. 395 you get 6GB for 3G High speed data valid for 30 days.

Get 20% More Data on Unlimited Packs

This is a web exclusive offer by Aircel which means you can avail this offer only if you Recharge your Aircel mobile online from Aircel's Online Recharge Service.

When you will be recharging your Aircel number online just remember to select the amount listed.

For Rs. 193 you get 20% more data than Rs. 198 plan
For Rs. 393 you get 20% more data than Rs. 399 plan
For Rs. 693 you get 20% more data than Rs. 697 plan
For Rs. 993 you get 20% more data than Rs. 997 plan

Buy the best Dongle

Aircel or any operator might prompt you to buy their Dongles but I would suggest don't. Buy a nice dongle online, well the max speed must be at least 7Mbps, anyways having a dongle with greater max speed would increase your network speed and rarely your network speed will ever reach even the max speed of the most dongles. 

Huawei Power-Fi E8221 Data Card  - Low price with great features. Use any sim card and it is Wifi enabled, you can use it as a Wifi hotspot and share your Internet connection with other devices, upto 10.

If you don't know about Huawei and don't want to trust it then you should know that Huawie is the hardware manufacturer of Dongles for Telecorps. like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Idea etc. Almost all.

Thank for reading. We will update when we find even better plans but for now I think Aircel provides the best data plans in Assam with good coverage of 3G throughout the city.
Deepak Kamat Blogger Guwahati

He is a web designer and deveveloper by profession but loves to write about his city and interesting acitvities going on in it.

Writes small stories from small places in Guwahati and tries to help develop it with his blog.


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  4. Sir I stay in hatigaon bhetapara. Will aircel be a good option for internet? And do I have to just purchase the SIM and start using it in a dongle.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I am not sure of the connection and network in Hatigaon, but Aircel has a good coverage in overall Guwahati, though you may see if any of your friends or contacts may be using Aircel ask them how's the connection.

      As for the data plans, they are good, gives more than the other telecoms like Airtel and this is why I recommend it the most, low price and more data.

      Yup, as you get a SIM you can start using it with a dongle.

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  6. Hello,I stay at IIT Guwahati.So far I've been using my mobile data + hotspot to run some games.But even though it does say 3g the speed seems very low compared to at my home in Chennai.And the network is unstable(Signal becomes low all of a sudden).So I was wondering wether using a dongle will be any better than my phones hotspot.Like is there a big improvement between airtel 3g dongle and airtel 3g mobile data on my phone.

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