Government Websites : Why they are so expensive to build ?

Our country was once known as the "Country of Festival and Culture" but now it has become "Country of  Corruption".

In India no work can be done without bribe. Jobs are provided to those who don't even deserve that position, just because they are relative of a person on a higher post. It's now a fashion in India and the common people are now normal with it, they don't have any means to go against it.

The Indian Government have advanced in terms of technologies and sharing important resources. Almost every department have their own website, where they share documents, notices and related information. But the story doesn't end here. It's sure that departments spends lakhs of rupees to build a site, and mostly single paged websites as the documents are just uploaded on their low grade server (for which they spend lakhs every month) in PDF format, which is not actually the part of the website.

Just take a few examples of dull Indian government websites :

http://indianrail.gov.in/ - It is a good site to check Availability of seats, train schedule and also most anything about the Indian railways but the site is very insecure and it's on a poor server. The database often crashes. The site have labels like "Designed by..", "Best Viewed in..." etc. which are not a mark of a Professional Web Designer/Developer.

http://presidentofindia.gov.in/ - This is the website of our President, they are titular head of the State but yet they have the highest position. But does this website looks likes a site of President of any country? A beginner can design such website. It uses images for the main headings, and without alt tags. The reason why they don't use text is that they can't create such effects on normal text, as it needs some hardwork. The site don't have markup in standard and that's why it didn't got any position in Google or other search engines. The website looks like it was created in the 90's.

http://parliamentofindia.gov.in/ - The problem is again the same. This is the website of Indian Parliament, where the people responsible for running our country works. The page of this site have nothing meaningful. Just have a link on the image used as heading which takes you to a server DNS, which don't even have a human readable name . I can't believe this level of unprofessional work, even a 13 year old kid can buy their own domain and register it to their site, but what happened to the Respected No Too good web designers/developer from our Government, this is what they have learnt in their coaching or classes ?  And when the government is paying the web designing company, then what's the use of using an attribution like "Designed by..., Brought to you by..." It looks so unprofessional on Government sites.

Now just compare these sites to the websites of US President , Government etc. You can tell the difference even if you are not a tech savvy person. See the class of US President's site http://www.whitehouse.gov/, and I am sure they haven't spent more than $2,000USD for the whole website setup that approximately Rs.1,00,000INR but Indian government must be spending 10s of lakhs to build those dull sites. Being a web designer or software designer doesn't mean they are genius or innovative. Web Developers for Indian Govt. is just a team of newbie web developers who just want to earn money anyhow, no matter how they work and what they provide.

Corruption is also done on the technology side of the Govt. and that results into poor websites. Think about the talented web designers and developers who don't get jobs which they deserve to get, they can do better work in less money. Govt. needs to find a way to hire talented and innovative web/software-designer/developer for a better future of websites at-least.   

You are the public, who pay taxes. And you deserve to get a better service. Drop in your opinions in the comments.

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  1. I totally agree with you . I am a 13 year old blogger and basically I think that even I can design sites which are lot better than these sites . I have seen the source code of these sites but there is nothing much interesting other than some random shit .