Where are the new PokeStops & Gym in Guwahati?

Good news for all Pokemon GO Players in Guwahati, new Pokestops and a Gym has been added on the map, that is, more Pokestop throughout the heart of the city, before, 3 Pokestops were at a small distance in Guwahati, that was the Kamakhya Temple, but that was not a viable option for many players for obvious reasons, it isn't in the heart of the city and not a place you can go to casually every day like you can in the city.

The new Pokestops are the other Digital Express / Reliance Digital stores that were left, when Pokemon GO came out in India we knew Jio stores are going to be added as Pokestops but unfortunately not all the Jio stores were turned into one, only a few were.

Here's a list of new PokeStops added on the map. Enjoy!

  1. Digital Xpress Mini (Ullubari) - There was a Pokestop already at this location named "Jio Fort Building", but another one was added right on the same place, thus the two Pokestops overlaps each other, so you may have to check which Pokestop you have tapped to spin.
  2. Digital Xpress store (Silpukhri) - Another Digital Xpress store that is in Silpukhri is also turned in a PokeStop.
  3. Digital Xpress, Survey Road (Wireless, Beltola) - New PokeStop
  4. Digital Xpress, Basistha Road (Wireless, Beltola) - New PokeStop and it overlaps the Pokestop on #3 
  5. Digital Xpress, Parnil Palace (Zoo rd. Tiniali) - New Pokestop

New Gym in Guwahati:
  1. Reliance Digital, Central Mall (Ganeshguri) - This is a great news, as there were lack of Gyms before in the heart of the city, the only one was in Lal Ganesh before, now a new has been added! Have fun. 

If I am missing something or you think a data is incorrect please comment below. 

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