Anundoram Barooah Awards for 2014 SEBA/AHM HSLC Students in December

The students all over Assam who secured 1st and 2nd Division were waiting eagerly for the Anundoram Barooah Awards, held every year to distribute laptops to those students.

[NEW] For 2016 Anundoram Boroaah Awards please click on this link.

But unlike the other years, this year, 2014, a little delay and no News about the awards kind of disappointed the students. But finally we have got a news about it! The awards will be distributed in December this year to all the SEBA/AHM students who secured 1st and 2nd Division in the HSLC examination.

Here's the news article from Assam Tribune (19th November 2014, 1st Page)

And the complete article in text version

Now enjoy!
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