The Worst Contest Ever Held by Google - Mapathon 2013 India

Google, the Internet giant which is one of the most reputed company of the World seems to be lazy with the contest they organized in February named Google Mapathon 2013 India

The contest period of Mapathon was scheduled from Feb 12 2013 to March 25 2013, and the result was supposed to be published around 24th of July.  But due to some security issues concerns SOI delayed the results of the competition.

It took 2 months for SOI to complete its investigation on the data Google Maps got during the contest by the contestants - that all was just a stupidity and an example of the ignorance of our Govt. authorities. But we had to deal with it, so we waited.

Finally in the second week of September the contestants who were potential winners of the contest got an email from Google India to submit their information which is to be used when declaring results. No official announcement were made by either Google India or SOI about the completion of the investigation done, but the email was a sign that it was completed.

I wrote about it here http://deepakweblog.blogspot.in/2013/09/mapathon-india-2013-result-is-finally.html

And that was not the end of obstacles.. The email from Google Mapathon asking for information said that form submission will end of 22nd September, but when the day came, the Mapathon team decided to extend the submission date till 29th September.

UPDATE: The submission date was again extended till 9th October 2013.

Now 29th September passed too, and it's the middle of October but yet there's no announcement made on the result of the contest.
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  1. His Name Is Mr. Jayanth Mysore (He was also in the involved in organizing this contest)
    These people have time to organize hangout about Map-Up (In 30th Aug 2013) But they don't have time to reply to our questions Regarding Google Indian Mapathon 2013 Contest which we are asking for so many months.

  2. Thanks for your valuable information
    UPDATE: The submission date was again extended till 9th October 2013.