Most Amazing T-Twenty Cricket Match - India vs. South Africa

I don't always watch cricket, the last time I watched a cricket match was the last World Cup Final between India and Pakistan and that was interesting and breath taking.
The match between India and South Africa today was very important for the Indian to be qualified for the semi-finals, unfortunately Indian team didn't made it. Haah, some players wept and some got energy for the revenge, a perfect example can be Balaji. The last overs he did was outstanding but no other players cheered him up for the wickets he took and that's not really called "sportsmanship".

Last 3 balls, 8 runs to win. The ball is hit and it's out the field, it's a sixer. 2 runs on 2 ball, last wicket left of South Africa and Balaji hits the Stumps again with the ball !

So much of excitement but no Indian player cheered up just to celebrate the win. It's okay, you can't always make it to the finals but you won the match ! Show some sportsmanship, Indian team, it is what professional do.

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