How To Use Dialpad In WhatsCall During Calls

WhatsCall is obviously a widely used application for making phone calls for free all over the World. The app though lacks one feature that is request frequently by its users, it is the touch-tone dialpad during call.

This feature is needed for those who likes to call on number that requires you to punch in numbers while you are in call, like a customer support number or so.

I myself have had problems, as I had to wait until the automated voice on the other end connected to someone human on the other end itself, but it takes too long and it is not always an option as not all operator would do that.

A little background - 
Now, I came up with an idea, after thinking about it I found out that touchtone keypad works because each of the key makes a different sound and that is what the computer on the other end actually needs.

If you can get to make the exact beep sound during the call then you can easily pass through it.

The trick

This handy website is just perfect, no wonder that you need to be near a computer or laptop to use it, but don't you think that is at least better than nothing? 

  1. Go to this website - http://www.telephonetribute.com/touch_tone.html
  2. Now make a call to any number in WhatsCall (or you can try even your phone's dialer) which would require you to punch in numbers
  3. When the computer on the other end asks you to enter a number, put your phone near your computers / laptops speaker and on the website click on the key that you want to enter.  (the play button actually is the black arrow on the right)
  4. Tada, It should be working if you did everything right. 
What if I don't have a laptop or computer near me?

A little workaround that is unlikely to work is to switch to your phone's dialer and press the keys to make the touch tone beep while you are asked to enter a number during call.

I have tried it and it seems to work sometimes, only sometimes. Maybe increasing volume to the max may work better.

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