Earthquake in Guwahati 9th September 2013

I've been posting about Earthquakes since last year. I post updates about the Earthquake quickly after the quakes. Today, 9th September 2013, I don't remember the exact time, it was about 6:00PM, an Earthquake occurred and lasted for a few seconds.

The last Earthquake occurred about 5 months ago, I posted about it here

The gap between today's and the last Earthquake is huge, if you look back in 2012, the number of Earthquake was too high and frequent but this year it looks to be cooled down or just the silence before the storm. Who knows.

I was in my programming class on the 3rd floor in a 6 storey high building when suddenly the chair I was sitting on started shaking, I looked around and nothing was there to shake the chair, my teacher looked at me, and she too felt the tremor, and I kind of shouted "It's an Earthquake", we all got out of the class room but was still in the building.

Only a few people in the class felt the tremor.

This is the first time I was in a building during an Earhquake. And the feeling is way to dangerous than what I've thought. In the ground floor, you are, however safe, as you can get out of the building soon, but in the 3rd floor, that feeling is like getting trapped in a small box and there's no way out. You feel helpless.

Anyways, there are also ways to be safe in such conditions:

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