Get Ready for the 2nd Google Mapathon India 2013 - 2014

After the huge success of Google Mapathon, Google is planning for the second season of Google Mapathon.
The first ever Google mapping contest - India Mapathon 2013 was held from Feb 12th ‑ March 25th. The contest is closed now and the winners will be declared in July.

Thousands of people joined the Google Mapathon to make India maps better. And many contributed and put their effort to add details to the map of their town, city and country.

There's a new that the 2nd Google Mapathon contest is going to held soon and you can take part again, if luck wasn't with you the last time go for the other and put your full effort this time. The contest dates are not confirmed yet but we have the news that it's from December 19th 2013 - January 9th 2014.

Let's see when Google's going to announce it officially.

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  1. Now announced prize from December, after when will announce Mapathon 2014.